iPad Mini flavours, prices may have leaked ahead of reveal

iPad Mini flavours, prices may have leaked ahead of reveal

Apple’s much speculated on iPad Mini, the reveal for which is expected next week, may be become a lot less surprising if a screenshot of an inventory list from German website MobileGeeks is on the money.

The inventory list shows that there are sixteen iPad Minis planned, eight variants which will ship in either black or white models. The listing has storage for the devices ranging from 8GB for the cheapest model to 64GB for the priciest, while the prices are between 249 and 640 Euros. WiFi-only versions of the iPad Mini are listed alongside “Cellular” flavours but there is no indication whether these will be 3G or 4G LTE capable.

The screen capture apparently comes from Media Market, Europe’s largest electronics retailer, so they may be privy to some of the details that have not been made public. The iPad Mini entries could also just be place holders for when Apple rolls out the real info. Next week’s probable event should put the rumour mill to sleep, for a little while at least.

Source: CNET

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