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Facebook working with HTC on its own cellphone?

Facebook working with HTC on its own cellphone?

Back in May there were reports of a cellphone being developed by Facebook and the rumour has resurfaced with a little more detail. HTC is reportedly working with the social networking company on building a handset, with a mid-2013 release for the device a possibility.

This report comes by way of Bloomberg, who have cited “people with knowledge of the matter” who asked to remain anonymous. The handset was apparently supposed to launch as soon as the end of this year, but that date was supposedly pushed back in order to allow HTC to work on other products.

Facebook is said to be working on a modified operating system for the device with the assistance of former Apple programmers, which sort of jibes with the initial reports in May which claimed former Apple engineers were involved.

When contacted an HTC spokeswoman declined to comment on the rumours.

Source: Bloomberg

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